Telepsychiatry Services for Residential Treatment

Persons in residential treatment have greater service needs than persons living in the community. Having one practitioner who is essentially available to the program staff and participants every day of the week offers more immediate access to psychiatric services.
Residential Telepsychiatry
Because many residents in long-term treatment facilities are driven to an outpatient clinic to see their assigned practitioners there is a possibility the person will choose to "no-show" for their scheduled appointment. Telepsychiatry can assist in decreasing the current "no-show" rate by providing the resident with an appointment with a practitioner via video teleconferencing on the premises.

Transporting people to their appointments is extremely costly and often results in mental health funds being spent on transportation in addition to psychiatric services. Historically, it is common for transportation costs to exceed service cost and the difference between the two will only increase as fuel costs continue to skyrocket.

Time that case managers or other support staff spends providing transportation services cannot be encountered and therefore not billed. An organization may only be reimbursed for mileage, which in turn is passed to the staff member.
Televideo Benefits

Telepsychiatry Opportunities

Telepsychiatry provides an opportunity to:
  • Have one practitioner assigned to care for the patient resulting in better continuity of care
  • Track each person from admit to discharge
  • Share information with the clinical team and utilization management staff in a more cohesive manner
  • Step people down to a less restrictive level of care more immediately
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