Telepsychiatry & Primary Care Practice Integration

Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) have made significant strides in caring for psychiatric disorders but there is a threshold after which psychiatric medication to their patients becomes a risk management issue for the PCP and is very expensive for the insurance carrier.
Video Conferencing for Primary Care
In response to this national issue, FasPsych has developed a method to integrate a psychiatrist or psychiatric APRN into a PCP office in accordance with the identified need of the individual practice. This can be done through video teleconferencing, which allows the PCP to immediately connect to a psychiatrist or PNP face to face for consultation and treatment collaboration ultimately leading to more clinically effective patient care. We will work with PCPs and insurance carriers to introduce video teleconferencing into individual practices.
Telepsychiatry for Primary Care Practices
Telepsychiatry can allow every PCP practice access to the professionals they need resulting in:
  • Reductions in unnecessary visits to the PCP office for somatic complaints
  • Reductions emergency room visits
  • Opportunity to intervene prior to a psychiatric hospitalization
  • Immediate psychiatric consultation
  • Access to drug treatment interventions for patients who are drug seeking
  • Collaborative, integrated health care
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