Telepsychiatry for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

FasPsych offers innovative psychiatric staffing solutions to organizations struggling to fill openings for quality prescribing clinicians.
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) resulted in increased funding for mental health services to FQHCs nationwide. As more people are turning to their primary care physician to care for behavioral health treatment, increased service capacity is a step in the right direction however more capacity does not necessarily result in the provision of better mental health care.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, family physicians typically manage multiple symptoms and problems during the same, short office visit. A visit to a psychiatric professional typically lasts at least 30 minutes and focuses on a clearly defined issue. In contrast, primary care visits last an average of 13 minutes and include an average of six patient problems. Detecting and managing mental health problems must compete with other priorities such as treating an acute physical illness, monitoring chronic illness, providing preventive health services, and assessing compliance to standards of care.
Another important distinction between psychiatric practices and family medicine practices is that while patients who present for psychiatric treatment usually have severe symptoms that leave little doubt about the diagnosis, patients in the family physician's office typically present with vague somatic complaints such as "fatigue," "feeling nervous," etc., without an established psychiatric diagnosis. Unlike the psychiatric professional, whose patients accept the diagnosis and the need for treatment, the family physician has to identify mental health problems that are frequently obscured by patient reluctance to acknowledge the problem or by physical symptoms that mask the underlying issue.

A variety of studies have concluded that 70% of all healthcare visits have primarily a psychosocial basis (Strosahl, 1998; Fries, et. al., 1993; Shapiro, et. al., 1985). Additionally, the highest utilizers of healthcare commonly have untreated/unresolved behavioral health needs (Von Korff, et. al., 1992; Katon, et. al., 2003). Therefore, primary healthcare is behavioral healthcare.
Even with increased mental health funding to FQHCs, collaboration with specialists in the behavioral health field is still key as integrating physical and mental health care can be challenging. FasPsych can provide access to psychiatrists, psychiatric advance practice registered nurses and counselors who can provide ongoing services to patients or serve as consultants to FQHC personnel.
Telepsychiatry Staffing

Telepsychiatry Staffing Services

We work hard to make telepsychiatry as user friendly as possible for the agencies with which we contract in the following ways:
  • We do the recruiting for you at no charge
  • Each professional is appropriately licensed for each state they serve and willing to apply for Medicaid and Medicare registration numbers and approval by additional carriers as necessary
  • Flexible Scheduling - choose full or part time staff
  • Prescribing clinicians will document into your organization's electronic medical record and utilize your e-prescribing application
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